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Natural Hair Yoga

Yoga for Wellness

I’ve learned the many benefits of Yoga since about the age of 14 but never really took them into consideration. At that age I didn’t want to hear what anyone said and would much rather be doing something else than doing yoga. Sadly, my yoga practice stopped there. Upon getting older, this time in my…

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Ask A Stylist Series #4

Q: Do you feel like natural hair is becoming a trend or is it something else? Why?  A: As a natural stylist, my styles are governed by the need to ...

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Upala I.A. Moulden

Romance & Heartbreak

I.A. Moulden, writer behind the amazing book Upala, reached out to me to review her newest book. I had been slacking on my book reading(besides those ...

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Love what you do + Freebies

Love what you do, to be your happiest self. I have decided to do just that, love what I am doing and create the life I have always dreamt of. As some of you may or may not ...

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Breakfast is served

Traveling while Vegan

  Couple months after doing the Goddess Body cleanse I was on my way to the Cayman Island. I was greeted by fresh fish and everything yummy and non-vegan. I still ...

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